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Monday, May 11, 2015

"Welcome to the Spacious Era" Boeing #747 The Jumbo Jet 1970

Fantastic!  If they only knew what actually happened... #SardinesInACan

When Pan Am's first B-747 came to London's Heathrow Airport in 1970,
the normally staid British were flabbergasted and awed by such a huge

As you can tell from this contemporary British newsreel clip, there
was no lack of eager observers crowding around, through, and on the
brand new clipper.

Pan Am was looking forward to a new epoch in global transport with
the advent of the 747, offering economies of scale that were scarcely
imaginable only a few years earlier. What it would mean to average
travelers - much more room, much lower fares, greater opportunity to see
the world - is an almost palpable current running through this bit of

The Jumbo Jet (1970) - Pan Am Historical Foundation


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